The Luxe Goal

The Luxe team is dedicated to providing quality services that meet our client’s expectations. Our mission is to educate our clients on lash services while achieving the beautiful, customized look they desire. Our speciality is all things lash related; from extensions to lifts to tints! See below for more details on our different lash services. Each of these services are customizable. Your stylist will provide further details and recommendations during your consultation prior to your first appointment.

Classic Lash Extensions

The classic eyelash extension is a method where your stylist will bond a single synthetic extension, up to 30% longer than your natural lashes, to your natural lash using a medical grade adhesive. This classic style will add some thickness and length to your natural lash line. This look is very much based on the natural lashes you are starting with, a denser natural lash line will yield a denser extended look. 

Volume and Mega Volume Extensions 

During these more advanced services, your stylist will build a fan of light weight synthetic extensions and apply that to your individual natural lash using medical grade adhesive. Volume lashes add density to your lash line and are a nice option for achieving a darker lash line, or for those clients who have natural gaps in their lash line they are looking to disguise. Please note, volume does not always mean thick dense lashes. We can provide natural volume styles!

Hybrid Volume Extensions

This style is a combination of Classic and Volume Extensions. It provides a more wispy look and offers the client both thickness and length. 

Lash Lift

The lift is a great option for those clients who have a long, thicker lash line they are looking to add curl too. It's also a perfect option for any clients who have experienced allergic reactions to extensions in the past. 

Lash Tint

Tint will dye your natural lashes using a vegetable based dye. This is a perfect option for blonde, or lighter lashes. It will provide you with the look of mascara. Combine the lift with any of our extensions or lash lifts to achieve a darker look. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We're happy to offer a complimentary consultation prior to your first appointment to discuss any of these looks, or to perform a patch test should you have allergy concerns.